Brian Storm

One More Slice

“Chris is a top tier professional who helped our project reach its maximum potential. Through his honest feedback and expert skills and abilities behind the console, we were astounded by the results we received.”

JT Cavey


“Chris is someone who doesn’t settle. He works hard but more importantly he is someone who recognizes the difference between a product that is finished and a product that is realized to its full potential. Anyone that has the chance to work with him will benefit creatively as well as develop an understanding of what really makes a completed artistic product.”

Andy Toth


"Definitely give this guys two thumbs up! He is extremely patient and always has great creative input. It is guaranteed that you will walk out of the studio and be extremely proud of what you hear!"




My main goal is to help take your music and vision to the next level. Starting from the inception of your ideas, to fully tracked and album ready files, we will work together to capture the best possible version of your songs.


Tracked your album in your bedroom? No problem! Whether tracked at home or in a million dollar facility, I will take your raw files and turn them into a clear and crushing mix.


This is the final step in the recording process. I will take your final mix files and make sure they have the final bit of polish and punch needed to compete with other commercial releases.




IRON FOOT AUDIO is owned and operated by Chris Davis near Baltimore, MD. Chris began his music career at the age of 11, becoming a full time touring musician in 2010 and pursued a studio career in his downtime. Throughout his professional music career, he worked alongside many accomplished producers and engineers while recording his own projects and used each opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge. He has experience working in most genres, but has a main focus in the Hard Rock/Metal and Hardcore scene.